Sophia Herscu

Artistic Direction | ENSEMBLE 

At age six, Sophia was presenting aerial circus shows on the swing-set in her backyard. She is delighted to have circled back to aerial arts over the past three years and is particularly excited to be involved in the development of Spoke Movement Collaborative with such an inspiring group of like-minded artists!

Sophia graduated from Colorado College with a BA in Sociology and Drama/Dance in 2011. Following graduation, she was awarded a Watson Fellowship to travel the world teaching and exploring the positive impact of circus education.

Sophia is a graduate of the Aerial Dance Professional Training Program at Frequent Flyers in Boulder, CO. In 2013 Sophia and four classmates at FFP founded Rabble Dance Collective, an aerial company that combined original music, dance, aerials, physical theater, and social justice. Before her recent move to Boston, Sophia taught with Frequent Flyers and performed with Colorado-based Iluminar Aerial.

In 2015 Sophia graduated with an Ed.M. in Arts in Education from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. Remaining in the Boston area after graduation she was one of the inaugural choreography mentees with the new Boston based dance organization, The New Movement Collaborative, and has been teaching circus arts at Esh Circus Arts and Circus UP!