What is SPOKE?

“Spoke Movement Ensemble” (“Spoke” for short) is in part a response to the problem of separation between dance and circus. The founders asked “how might we re-imagine performance for social impact?” How might we build a process of collaboration that grows the individual while creating an impactful final product ?” And, “How can we create new contexts for understanding?” Built at the intersection of collaboration, creativity and artistic process and drawing from circus, dance and design, its member’s mission is to forge a new context for the language of movement in the U.S and beyond.

Spoke's previous iteration Rabble Dance Collective was an interdisciplinary performance collective established in 2012, in Boulder, Colorado. The original Rabble Dance Collective was a group of five performers with backgrounds in modern dance, physical theater, and contemporary circus arts. Rabble created, produced and performed an evening-length show, UP|rise, in 2013. After focusing on individual pursuits for two years, three of the original five collaborators are “getting the band back together” to create new artistic work.

Our performances combine physical theater, modern dance, and contemporary circus. The result is a seamless integration of these three disciplines, a new genre of work that uses stylized movement fused with acrobatic virtuosity to evoke narratives and emotion.